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Bill Walker

Koniks has every part I’ve ever needed everytime I’ve ever needed it!
Both my Monte and my Impala have Koniks parts on em!
Thanks Leo!


Ray Rais Michigan
I met Leo about 5 years ago at the Woodward Dream Cruise.Just a super nice guy. After we talked for awhile he gave me a few of his business cards I called him a few weeks later and stopped by his place. A friend came with me who had a 65 Chevy SS Impala Leo also had parts for him as well. Through the years I have bought a part or two but the last few months have been crazy. I smashed my 72 Monte Carlo but Leo was there to help .I needed quite a few front end parts and Leo took care of me,Leo’s not only a parts and body man I also consider him a friend as well . Thanks Again Ray

Mike M./Detroit

Thanks Again Leo for the great 71 Monte SS that i Bought from you. It drives and rides like a dream just as you said! I can;t wait till we start the restoration soon!


Thanks Again Leo & Mike, See ya soon


Mike M.

Brian & Gail Mestad - Indiana

I used to believe all restoration parts came from a catalog,,,, until I met up with Leo Konik. Leo has provided me with the best used, new parts and knowledge with the most honest description for finishing our 1970 Monte Carlo. If you want the “correct” parts and looking for the original items that the catalogs do not even comprehend yet, Konik Klassiks is where you need to call. I have never been more satisfield with the quality, and customer service in resorting a car than with Konik’s!!

Mike and Trent - Georgia

My son and I took on a massive 70 Monte restoration in 2008. I had a 70 Monte hot rod as a kid in Detroit and always wanted to find and restore one later in life. Our base car was a driver from Iowa but required new paint and mechanical repairs. When we stripped the paint we discovered years of rust and low quality metal repairs. We have little to no restoration expertise on Monte Carlos in Georgia so we searched out and found Konik’s Klassiks. We contacted Leo and quickly discovered he new Monte Carlos inside and out and was able to supply us with difficult to find parts like front fenders, doors, and glass. We elected to make several non factory resto mod changes during the restoration with Leo’s advice. I would recommend Konik’s classics to anyone interested in a real partner for a Monte restoration. This car will be at the shows, hoping we can meet Leo face to face at one of these events.

Dave Pyrek-Michigan

Not only a master craftsman but an innovative thinker. I just finished installing a pair of steel Chevelle inner fender wells on my 72′ Monte. The badly cracked plastic ones are on their way to the dump. Thanks for the great suggestion Leo.! They look fantastic and went in without incident. Leo and Mike have been invaluable in sharing their extensive knowledge base. In addition, they have been gratious enough to include us in my custom hood project . As a hobbist , I have found Konik’s Klassiks to be very encouraging and down to earth shop.

Tony DiVirgilio/Pa

Thanks to Leo for supplying me with a used quarter panel for my 71 Monte. Leo described the panel honestly to me, along with a fair price, and not making up figures with shipping and handling! Leo has supplied many other “finishing touch” parts to my Monte over the years.

Thanks again Leo, great to see there are still good people out there!

Tony D.



Kenny Bott

Hi Leo,


I received the doors and they are as promised. Good clean doors. Thank you. Now I need the filler panel for between the trunk and rear windshield. And possibly good sail panels.


Thanks again, its nice to deal with honest people.

Dave Reem — Virginia

I have known Leo Konik for 8 years now. We are both proud members of a club that is meant exclusively for owners or future owners of the first generation Monte Carlos, 1970-1972. I met Leo for the first time in June of 2006. From what I had read or heard from other club members, Leo was top notch at his ability to supply resto parts, NOS parts, refurbished stock & resto parts, or perform resto operations himself at his facility in Michigan. I had never needed his services until New Years Eve 2006 into 2007. Brake failure backing into my garage caused damage to my front driver’s fender.


Knowing that Leo’s expertise is Monte Carlos and other 68-72 A-bodies, one quick call to Leo produced the needed estimate info that my insurance company required to finalize the claim. There were no questions from the insurance company regarding Leo’s estimate as it was right in line with what the claims examiner expected. The examiner was also an enthusiast and saw that the estimate was appropriate.


Leo was upfront with the time frame to deliver the fender and other related parts and all was delivered in perfect manner about a month and a half later. Bear in mind, the fender was to be a refurbished used fender and was done to perfection. One point to note is that even without the car in Leo’s presence, the body work performed on the fender was so close to perfection, I was thrilled.


There are so many good qualities about Leo, and here are a few. Leo will be honest with you regardless of the situation. Leo will also perform his best service regardless of who you are. I noted that Leo takes a great amount of pride in his work and that of his associates. There is no job too important that a rush will cause quality to suffer. The best part in Leo’s character is honesty and hard work. I wish I lived closer to Leo to enjoy his company a little more.


Thanks for all you did Leo, you are the man.

Don — Georgia

Leo got my NOS quarter panel and other stuff yesterday and already starting cutting front fender patches. Packed so they were secure. I will now get to work on the 71 I bought new.


Thanks Leo!



Thanks Leo. I received my parking lamp Assemblies today, and just wanted to say thank you for them. They look very good. If I need anything else I will let you know.


Thanks again!

Dave — Marshall, VA

After some shipping holdups and Leo’s caring help, I received a BEAUTIFUL front fender today. Man, what a piece of workmanship. Thank you Leo. I can only say, any of you guys that need parts, new, used, or refurbished, please call Leo. What a great guy to deal with.


I thank the Lord for Leo and guys like him in this hobby we are part of. And yes, for all of you guys who have seen my car and know of the cancer in the rear quarters from a now 17 year old resto, I have new rear quarters from Leo that will be installed probably next winter (no time now since spring is here).


Hello Leo, I wanted to let you know that I received the parts right the next day last week. They look very nice. Just what I was looking for.

Best Regards

Rod M.

Leo, I’m SUPER Happy with everything I ordered! I can’t wait to place my next order!


(71 Monte Carlo ss454)

Jim M. — Buffalo, N.Y.

Leo, I just received your parts today…thank you very much! GREAT STUFF! Always happy doing business with you. Take care. I’ll look you up perhaps toward mid summer for some other things, off to South America again soon. Take care…




Hi Leo, i just wanted to let you know again thanks for the parts.

It looks like a quality part and a great fit.





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